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How does Patient Billing work?

We handle all patient collections with the exception of collecting up-front payments, such as co-pays or deductible costs. Your practice can handle those like normal and we take care of all remaining or outstanding balances.

We can also train you and your staff on ways to maximize collections through up-front payments, reducing risk of running into any outstanding / unpaid patient balances.


What if a Patient has a question about their statement?

We handle all statement related questions and provide direct resources for your patients to use in responding to statements with questions or concerns.

Each member of our team is uniquely trained in handling patient complaints. We’re well positioned to provide a great experience in each patient encounter, which can be a revenue-driver for your practice by providing a positive patient experience consistently.


Who owns the billing data?

We ensure that you own all patient related and proprietary data in relation to your practice. You control the outcome of said data and are free to take it with you should our professional relationship conclude.